3 in ThreeComputer Puzzle
AbuseSide-scrolling platformer
Adventures of Fatman, TheBatman-parody Adventure Game
Adventures of Maddog Williams Adventure
Alien Carnage,Side Scroller
Aliens vs. PredatorFirst-person shooter
AllegianceOnline 3D Space Combat
AnacreonGalactic Conquest
Arctic SoftwareScroller Game
At the CarnivalAmusement Park Puzzle
B.C. KidScrolling Screen
Battle of BritainAir Combat Simulator
Beneath a Steel SkyScience Fiction Adventure
Beyond Castle WolfensteinTop-down Spy Action
Beyond the TitanicText adventure
Bio MenaceAction
Blade of ExileAdventure
BMX SimulatorBMX Simulation
Brany Skeldalu (Gates of Skeldal)RPG
Castle of the Winds: A Question of VengeanceRole-Playing Game
Castle of the Winds: Lifthransir's BaneRole-Playing Game
Caves of ThorRPG
Chinese CheckersBoard game
Civilization: Call to Power 2Managerial Strategy
Command & Conquer - Brotherhood of Nod Real-Time Strategy
Command & Conquer - Global Defense InitiativeReal-Time Strategy
Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun & Firestorm ExpansionReal-Time Strategy
Conquest of Elysium II Strategy
Dark AgesAction, Platform
Dead meets LeadTop down
Death RallyAction, Driving, Racing, Sports
Descent3D Flight Combat
Descent II3D Flight Combat
Desert FalconArcade
Dig DugArcade
Dink SmallwoodRPG
DoomFirst-person shooter
Doom 2First-person shooter
Doom 33D Shooter
Dragon HistoryAdventure
Drascula: The Vampire Strikes BackAdventure
Drum BlasterMusic, Simulation
DucksAction, Arcade, Platform, Puzzle
Duke Nukem 3DFirst-person shooter
Elder Scrolls: Arena, TheFirst-person RPG
Enemy Engaged: Comanche HokumHelicopter Combat Simulation
Enemy NationsReal-time strategy
Enemy Territory: Quake War3d Shooter
F.E.A.R. CombatMultiplayer Only
Fish FilletsPuzzle
Flight of the Amazon QueenAdventure
Food FightArcade
Fool's Errand, TheFantasy Puzzle
Freespace 23D Flight Combat
Galactic Patrol3D Arcade Space Shooter
Glider 4.0Paper Airplane Aviation Simulator
Glider PROPaper Airplane Aviation Simulator
God of ThunderRPG
Golgotha3D Real-Time Strategy
Grand Theft AutoCriminal Activity Simulator
Grand Theft Auto 2Criminal Activity Simulator
Ground Control3D Real-Time Strategy
Hat TrickArcade
HereticFirst-person shooter
HexenFirst-person shooter
Hexen IIFirst-person shooter
Hidden & DangerousFirst-person shooter
Homeworld3D Real-Time Strategy
Inner WorldsSide Scroller
Iron SeedStrategy
KatakisSide Scrolling Shooter
Ken's Labyrinth3d-Shooter
KrozText Adventure
Labyrinth of TimeAdventure
Lure of the TemptressAdventure
Maelstrom2D Space Shooter
MarathonFirst-person shooter
Marathon 2First-person shooter
Marathon InfinityFirst-person shooter
MechCommander 2Real-time Strategy Game
Mechwarrior 4 MercenariesAction, Shooter
MiG AlleyAir Combat Simulator
Monuments of MarsSide-scrolling platformer
Ms. Pac ManArcade
No Gravity3D Space Shooter
Odyssey - The Legend of Nemesis,RPG
One Must Fall: 20972D Robotic Fighting
Penumbra: OvertureFirst-person adventure
Pharaoh's TombArcade-style scroller
PsychoDelic2D Action/Collection
PurgeFPS/RPG hybrid
Pyrrhic Tales: Prelude to DarknessRPG
QuakeFirst-person shooter
Quake IIFirst-person shooter
Quake III: ArenaFirst-person shooter
R-Type side scrolling shoot-em-up arcade game
Railroad TycoonStrategy
Redhook's RevengePirate-themed board game
Return to Castle Wolfenstein3d Shooter
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy TerritoryFirst-person shooter
Rise of the TriadFirst-person shooter
Robot BattleProgrammatic Robotic Combat
Robotron 2084Arcade
Sam & Max - Abe Lincoln Must DieAdventure
Savage: The Battle for NewerthReal-time strategy/First-person shooter
Shadow WarriorFirst-person Ninja Combat
SkyRoadsSpace Simulator
Spear of DestinyFirst-person shooter
Spheres of ChaosAction, Arcade, Shooter
Spin AroundPuzzle
Star Wraith 2Space combat simulator
Star Wraith: Shadows of Orion Space Simulation
StargunnerSidescrolling Shooter
Starsiege: TribesFirst-person shooter
Strange Adventures In Infinite SpaceHybrid strategy/adventure
SupernovaText adventure
The Elder Scrolls II: DaggerfallRPG
The Spirit Engine 22D RPG
Theseus - Return of the HeroArcade
Titans of Steel: Warring SunReal-time, Strategy
Treasure Island DizzyEgg-centric Platformer
Tribes 2First-person shooter
Trivia WhizTrivia Game
Tyrian 2000Shoot-em-up
Ultima 4RPG
Universal CombatSimulation, Space
Ur-Quan Masters, The (Star Control 2)Space Adventure
Wari: The Ancient Game of AfricaBoard game (Mancala)
Warzone 21003D Real Stime Strategy
Weekend Warrior3D Game Show Combat
Wild MetalVehicular Combat
WitchesWitch-themed Platformer
Wolfenstein 3DFirst-person shooter
Word WhizTrivia Game
X-Men: The Ravages of ApocalypseTotal Conversion for Quake
Xenophage: Alien BloodsportAction Fighting
XERIX II: The Caverns of Mars Action, Shooter